5 of Our Best Fertility Gifts for Christmas and the Holidays

Why are we even writing about the best fertility gifts for the holidays? After all, you’re reading this on our blog, which means you probably have fertility challenges, so this Christmas guide may not feel as if it is for you.

But hang on, it is.

You’ve already know how isolating infertility can be and over the holidays,  it can feel like a heavy brick of despair is sitting on your shoulders. It’s at this time more than ever that we see how Christmas was designed for children.

We know that many of your friends will probably be elbow deep in finding and wrapping presents for their little ones, passing on cherished family traditions, putting up the tree while their children look on in awe.

At this time, the last thing on your friend’s mind is maintaining connections with friends who are struggling to conceive.

But the holidays also have a way of making friends feel more supportive and wanting to show that they care. Look, it will never be easy to know what to give a friend who is battling infertility.

The Gift of Understanding

That’s what this list is about. It’s as much about you as it is about the ones who love you. The gift of understanding has no price point.

Here are the best fertility gifts that you can share with a friend, your loved ones, or even paste on your feed.

Pstttt: We secretly believe in getting some of these for yourself.

 1. A Sexy Themed Gift Basket is One of the Best Fertility Gifts

Everyone gives holiday baskets but we had something different in mind. Since the holidays can bring a couple closer if they wisely use this time to plan for pregnancy in the year ahead, it’s a good idea to stuff a basket that sets the mood. A sexy-themed basket is one of the best fertility gifts.

Now don’t overdo it. Tastefulness applies always, as well as an awareness that your friend is battling infertility and may be sensitive to what you put into the basket. So stuff it with massage oils, caffeince-free tea, foaming bubble bath — you get the picture! Get two His and Hers cotton robes, a fertility candle is also a plus, and chocolates can top it off. Someone who is going through the holidays without her own children will need products that help her relax, even laugh, and feel special. So we’re placing this at the top of our list.

2. A Gym Membership

We know that someone’s weight can affect their fertility but a gift certificate to a gym is not about your friend losing or gaining pounds. It’s about her tapping into her wellness and boosting her inner warrior mind.

The research on getting onto a fitness journey is clear. The happy endorphin release that comes with exercise is also about increasing good mental health. This is something all IVF warriors need.

Exercise also promotes better blood flow, builds strength, increases flexibility, and promotes happiness and calmness. Come to think of it, no woman who is trying to get pregnant can go wrong with any of these things as she prepares her body for childbirth. If a one-month membership is too expensive, try the day pass, and don’t forget we are still in a pandemic.

So toss in a stylish mask or two. This touch alone will make it one of the best fertility gifts for Christmas and the New Year.

3. Handmade Presents Make the Best Fertility Gifts

 It’s no secret that infertility is one of the loneliest battles a woman fights. While she is on her journey, she is traversing an entirely new world that makes Captain Kirk’s navigation of the Enterprise seem like a walk in the park. It’s such a challenging time, so a handmade gift can feel warm, loving and 100% unique.

Now, depending on your talents, the gift range here is endless: A tea brew made with homegrown herbs, a handwritten love/friendship letter, a fertility bracelet you made yourself from beautiful stones found at a craft store, an amazing scented candle made in your home and wrapped in the packaging you made yourself.

DIY gifts are meaningful.

With all that your friend has going on navigating infertility, it’s good for her to know how important she is to you. The gesture of making something with your hands is one of the best fertility gifts you can give. DIY gifts provide an intimate point of connection, some relief from the current situation, and will remind her that she is truly loved by you during the holidays.

4. Dinner Out

Taking your friend out to dinner may seem insane at this time of year but hear us out. There is no better gift on Santa’s list than your time.  So in our opinion taking your friend out to her favourite restaurant is one of the best fertility gifts you can get her for the holidays. If budget allows, make it a 3-5 course meal but if not, remember the real present is your presence.

Use the time to catch up. If she wants to talk about her fertility journey, let her. The night is for her and sometimes your BFF just needs someone to talk to, but also don’t forget to inject the evening with loads of fun!

This is about holiday socialising and being with you can help her let go of the worries surrounding infertility and just enjoy her night out with you!

5. A Fertility Planner

Gifting a friend a fertility planner gets a big score in our books and it’s truly one of the best fertility gifts out there. There is no other present that is more functional, utilitarian, and downright gorgeous for an infertility warrior.

Oh yeah, we said gorgeous because there are some beautiful planners that you can purchase online. Just make sure the one you select has ample room to record appointments, doctor’s visits, days for injections and supplements.

Look out for those with motivational thoughts and encouraging words quotes about self-love. The fertility planner can also serve a dual purpose and function as a journal so your friend can also record her private pain and big triumphs.

This gesture will make a world of difference in someone’s life, especially if she likes being organised and methodical while on her fertility journey. We are giving this one a 10 out of 10 on our best fertility gifts list.

Last Thoughts on Our Best Fertility Gifts

With Amazon and ETSY offering everything from IVF socks to mugs,  it’s easy to commercialize infertility just like it Christmas itself.  However, our final thought has nothing to do with what’s placed under the tree. It’s important to be there for your friend on her fertility journey, to avoid assumptions, and to deeply care about her experiences. Being present is your present (a call, time together, a shared laugh)  and that alone may be one of the most meaningful things you can do over the holidays.