Book Doctors Appointment at Trinidad IVF


If you have been to the nurse appointment then your paperwork and test results will be ready for discussion with the doctor. If you have not been to a nurse appointment then we encourage you to bring along reports of all tests or treatment you have had previously.

Doctors appointments are available at both clinics locations or by telehealth.

What to expect at your first doctors appointment

We encourage both partners to attend your first doctor’s appointment so that you can both be involved in the discussions and decision-making. On the day of your appointment you should plan on spending at least one hour at our office. Please make sure that you are on time for your appointment and allow plenty of time for parking and traffic problems. If you have chosen a telehealth appointment, find a quiet space with good wifi.

Before your appointment you will need to provide photo ID and complete our medical questionnaire via our secure patient portal. It helps if you can provide copies of any previous medical tests you may have done along with treatment reports if you have had fertility surgery or fertility treatments before. If you have had the free nurse appointment, then these items, will all be sorted and ready.

The doctor will review all your information, explain your tests results, advise if there are any remaining tests you should consider and provide information on your possible treatment options.

Any blood tests that you may need can be performed by the nurses in clinic. Some tests that we perform, such as testing the tubes with a HyCoSy procedure, will require special timing with your periods. Sperm testing requires appointments and special timing as well.

What are the first tests we advise?

  • For women these are blood tests to check the numbers of eggs they have (AMH), whether they are making and releasing eggs (ovulating) and to check the levels of hormones that control their fertility and menstrual cycle. Women also require a detailed fertility pelvic ultrasound to check the health of the womb, ovaries and pelvic area. Sometimes assessments of the tubes and inside of the womb are required. This can be a simple saline scan or a more detailed pelvic package test, which also includes the test called a HyCoSy to see if your tubes are open.
  • For men a detailed semen analysis, from a qualified professional, is essential. This sperm test checks the number of sperm you are producing, how well they swim, whether they are healthy along with other possible problems such as antibodies, infection and problems with the fluid around the sperm (called semen). In our clinic all sperm tests are performed by qualified laboratory professionals, ensuring accurate results. You can trust our expert sperm testing to help you make the correct decisions about your fertility treatment plan.

What are the next steps?

The next steps for you depend on your individual situation. There are many different treatment options available.

Often some further tests are required before the doctor can help you choose your treatment plan, and provide you with the success rates and treatment options for you both as a couple.