Cost of IVF Treatment

At Trinidad and Tobago IVF and Fertility Centre we pride ourselves on providing top-class treatment from experts in the field. We also strive to keep our costs affordable for the Caribbean region. When you choose our clinic you are getting quality care at affordable prices.

Helping you understand the costs of fertility treatment

We understand that going through infertility testing and treatment often leads to both physical and emotional stress. Understanding your costs right from the start is one way to relieve some of the stress. Our staff will help you understand costs right from the start. We believe in giving you transparent price information on everything you may need, without surprises.

If you are starting your fertility journey wondering what this is all going to cost, then you’re not alone.

80% of our patients tell us costs was one of their top concerns when they first spoke with us. Everyone wants to know how much fertility treatment is going to cost them. There are two areas of costs you will have. The first is the cost of tests and seeing the fertility doctor for review and advice. The second is the cost of fertility treatment.

What tests might I need to pay for?

Your fertility tests are essential to help you choose the most successful fertility treatment for you. These tests are always required when you first come to the clinic. Read about the starting tests for men and women HERE. The FREE NURSE APPOINTMENTwill review your situation and any tests you have done before. The fertility nurse will then advise what tests you require.

Once your initial test results are ready, you will have your first medical consultation with one of our expert fertility doctors. Budget for two medical consultations to get full advice on what your fertility issues are along with treatment options. You will also need to have an examination and ultrasound scan in the clinic before the doctor can advise you on your treatment options and costs.

Some people may need more than the basic starting tests. If you have had miscarriages or failed fertility treatment before, then you may require more complicated tests. The doctors will advise you on this at your first medical consultation.

Something many people do not realise is that these tests need to be up-to-date before any treatment is started. If you plan on waiting a year or more between doing your first tests and choosing to start treatment, then you will need to factor in paying for repeat testing. Most tests results, such as sperm tests and hormone blood tests must be less than a year old for a treatment cycle to start. Some tests (such as AMH egg level) last for longer than one year.



Fertility Doctor consultation


Fertility Nurse consultation


Fertility Counsellor consultation


General pelvic ultrasound scan                  


Early pregnancy ultrasound scan


Follicle tracking ultrasound scan


Saline contrast ultrasound scan


Semen Analysis (sperm test)


Sperm DNA fragmentation test (sperm quality)


Male infection screening (before IUI or IVF treatment)


Male hormone profile (for low sperm counts)


Female starter bloods (AMH, CBC, Prolactin, TSH, Rubella)


Female implantation blood screen


Female Oestradiol blood test


What will my treatment costs be?

Everyone is different and fertility treatment costs vary a lot. The first thing to know about your fertility treatment costs are that they really depends on what you need. This is why the first step is always a full assessed by our expert staff. At this point you will be guided on your treatment options along with your specific treatment cost estimates.

There are many treatment options. IVF is one of the most successful fertility treatments for most couples. It also has a higher cost than other treatments. There are add on treatments for IVF that can increase your costs. See our flyer to understand IVF costs along with add on options.

Often you may have frozen embryos after an IVF cycle.

See the information sheet below to understand the cost of treatment with frozen embryos.


If your problem is simply to do with your eggs, then egg growing treatment (called ovulation induction or OI) may be a successful choice for you. Your doctor will advise the medication that you need for this treatment as this can vary between TT$100 to $6000 per cycle of treatment. For this treatment you will need to budget for between 3 to 5 follicle tracking scans and 3 to 5 Blood Oestradiol tests in addition to your medication costs.

IUI (artificial insemination) can be a good option for some couples. Our expert fertility doctors will see if IUI might be an option for you. IUI treatment requires at least one open tube and a minimum level of swimming sperm. It is often used when there is a mild to moderate male problem. IUI is not suitable or successful for very low sperm counts and these couples will be advised that IVF with sperm injection (ICSI) is their best choice.



Intra-uterine insemination (IUI) Package includes LH testing sticks, beta HCG blood test, one sperm preparation and IUI procedure. Drugs, ultrasounds and blood tests are NOT included Requires male infection screening bloods, follicle tracking ultrasound scans and Oestradiol blood tests (average patient between two to four).


Follicle tracking ultrasound scan 555
Male infection screening (before IUI or IVF treatment) 730
Female Oestradiol blood test 205
Sperm freezing costs.

Many patients choose to freeze sperm for a variety of reasons. Some men have extremely low sperm counts and are freezing in case they stop making sperm. Other men are working abroad or have trouble producing a sample and prefer to freeze sperm before an IUI or IVF treatment cycle. Some men are donating sperm for someone they know to use for treatment (a known sperm donor).

Some teens and adult males are freezing sperm before cancer treatment. This type of fertility preservation means that they have a chance of a family in the future if the cancer treatment causes damage to their fertility.



Sperm freezing Package includes 3 months storage. Requires male infection screening bloods and a doctor consultation.


Annual storage fee

Annual fee for storage of an item in the cryostorage unit


Discounted 5 year package for advanced payment of storage fee for storage of an item in the cryostorage unit (5 years storage)