IVF & Fertility Webinars

Free webinars just for you!

We hold FREE fertility webinars every month. These information sessions allow you to meet our staff, provide you with the latest information about fertility tests and treatment options. They are also a good opportunity for you to have your questions answered by our expert fertility staff.

To find out more and book webinars, visit our facebook page.

Here are a few videos from our past webinars.

Men’s Health Webinar – All About Sperm

How to Get Pregnant when you have PCOS

Fertility 101

Praise for our webinars:

“I never realized we had such a great clinic in Trinidad. I will be visiting the clinic tomorrow!”

“I enjoyed this experience, learned a lot and satisfied 100%”

“Good information”

“Very good”

“Very informative”

“Great seminar. Quite a lot of information”

“I am making my appointment tomorrow”