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Everyone has a different fertility journey. We hope you enjoy hearing from some of the amazing and courageous patients that have chosen to share their experiences here.  All these stories are linked by one thing – hope.  We know they will give you the courage and strength to keep going, along with the knowledge that you can trust us to help you.

When we entered your clinic three years ago, we knew you were our only hope. Thanks to the caring, compassion and dedication you always gave, we were able to weather the trials of infertility with new found hope. We can never express how appreciative we are for the level of kindness and professionalism we received from everyone. It is because of you all that we are on our journey to parenthood!

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Believing in yourself and Trinidad IVF can help you achieve your desired pregnancy.

My journey with Trinidad IVF started in September 2019 and I achieved my pregnancy in October 2019. YES! Just one month.

My husband and I have been married for 6 years and I never got pregnant.  We eventually stopped trying and when I hit 40, I gave up all hope of ever becoming a mother. Out of the blue my husband said, “We need to have a child”. I agreed but I want to try with Trinidad IVF.

One phone call was all it took. We had a prompt nurse consultation at their Charlieville clinic, then later at the Medical Associates clinic in St. Joseph. We decided to try a round of IUI (artificial insemination). A few blood test and needles to balance hormones and timed ovulation was all I needed. In September, the first IUI cycle was unsuccessful but I believed this was my time so we repeated the cycle in October.

After two weeks we did a Beta HCG blood pregnancy test and boom, it was positive. I could not believe my ears as I spoke to the nurse on the phone.

Currently I am 21 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby growing inside of me. All thanks to Dr. B. Timothy and staff for their love, patience and support in making my dream a reality.

God bless you all at Trinidad IVF!

“IVF… Injections…every day?!” This was my first thought and my worst fear. After the first few sticks, my husband was a pro and soon after, I was sticking myself. It became less of a fear but a bonding experience for us, which made our relationship even closer.

The staff at the clinic made me feel very comfortable and made my IVF journey easy.

Dr Minto-Bain did my embryo transfer and we decided that we were transferring two beautiful embryos. The procedure was painless but my thoughts at this time was “I hope it works”.

After my embryo transfer, I felt calm but the days felt like years! On the day of my Beta HCG test (this is a blood pregnancy test), my emotions battled with each other as I was both scared and excited.

At 2:00pm, my phone was glued to my hand as I patiently waited for the clinic to call with my results. I found out that my BHCG level was 174mIU/mL which meant that I was PREGNANT!

I felt like I was on cloud nine! I ran to my husband and shouted “I’m pregnant!” We both couldn’t find the words for our happiness.

Two weeks later, I had my early pregnancy scan with Dr Timothy, who said “I’m seeing two fetal hearts” My husband smiled from ear to ear on hearing those words. We were surprised but happy since were had been trying for a baby for five years.

Currently I am 27 weeks pregnant, both babies are growing well and healthy! We are proud to say we will be parents both a bouncing baby BOY and GIRL!

On behalf of my husband and I, we will like to thank the staff of T&T IVF for their kindness and support! You have fulfilled our dream of extending our family and we will soon be a family of FOUR!”

My advice to anyone with fertility difficulties, don’t give up hope, keep an open mind and most importantly don’t be afraid to seek professional advice.

We have been married for 7 years and have a beautiful 5 year old daughter. Our first pregnancy was not planned; however, we were both happy and excited to start our family. Due to the fact that I had given birth via cesarean section and our busy schedules we decided to wait about 2-3 years to expand our family.

After unsuccessfully trying to have a baby for more than two years we decided to seek Dr Minto-Bain’s advice. She performed a battery of tests and concluded that there was a high level of DNA fragmentation in my husband’s sperm. Dr Bain advised my husband that a change in diet (an increase intake of fruits and vegetables) as well as taking zinc supplements would improve the sperm DNA. We took her advice and after 2 months, I found out I was pregnant.

We were both ecstatic. My follow up scans all showed a healthy baby developing at the appropriate rate. In late 2019, at 39 weeks our healthy baby boy was born at – 7lbs 12oz.

We would like to first thank God for blessing us with our 2nd child and to especially thank Dr Minto-Bain and her team. Without her advice we would not be in the position we are today.

We had been together for 16 years when I showed up for my first consultation at the clinic. I was 41 years old and as far as I know, my body was in perfect shape and health.

Our decision to conceive, and our efforts to do so, had moved in phases for the entire year before that. We hadn’t used birth control pills for at least 7 years, not having been happy with the side effects I experienced, and had opted for using the rhythm method since my cycle was very predictable. So, phase 1 was simply having sexual intercourse during our fertile period, right? Well, let’s just say Phase 2 started a few months after that and involved actively tracking it with an over-the-counter ovulation kit. Phase 3 were the remaining 2 months of the year when we, mainly I, was so stressed out and tired from those monthly ‘wait and sees’ that I wasn’t sure if I even wanted a baby anymore. After all, maybe nature and the universe were trying to tell me something. I drove myself silly from then on, which wasn’t hard to do because I’m a naturally anxious person. Everywhere I went I’d see pregnant women and babies, and it seemed every month someone would announce they were pregnant. I mean, I could hear my biological clock ticking. Giving me a timeline for making up my mind. I went online to medical sites, research sites and blogs to read what I could find about getting pregnant after 40 and of course I obsessed about all the stats that pretty much said my eggs were approaching their expiration date (well that’s what I translated all the information into anyway).

Then on the other hand I had friends my age and older who were busy having their third and fourth children without intention, who had only one fallopian tube, a tilted uterus, or had a history of polycystic ovarian syndrome, or who had been told by doctors they would have difficulty conceiving. I was so confused that I wondered if not having a child would be so bad. We had a good life; the world was a pretty scary place to raise a child anyway and; I knew loads of people professionally and personally of all ages who made the decision not to have children and they seemed rather happy. So, I called up each and every one of them. I asked them if they ever regretted the decision and they all said no. Then I talked to my friends who were raising a child and got their scoop. And there I was, conflicted, not knowing what I wanted to do and hating being in limbo.

It was my gynaecologist, one day during a routine visit, when I was spouting my arguments back and forth, who told me that I should just have a complete reproductive assessment and just let the results help me make up my mind. If I found out I had an impediment, he said, I’d see how badly I wanted to correct it or if I’d just let nature determine for me. So, I found myself at the fertility clinic, which was basically my one-stop shop for the assessment.

And so, my journey began. And what a journey! As well read and educated as I thought I was, I was completely ignorant of what services were available, and right here in Trinidad.

For me, fertility services meant In vitro Fertilization (IVF) which would be expensive and probably targeted only people with serious reproductive impediments.

When I went to the clinic for my initial consultation it was nothing like what I expected. I didn’t have to explain why I waited so long to think about having a baby and hear how bad the odds would be against me at my age. I was received in a welcoming and professional manner. The atmosphere was calm and soothing. They were so good at explaining everything in the simplest way. I didn’t’ have to wait long to see someone and I wasn’t rushed to make way for another client. Best of all, I didn’t feel pressured to take any of their services. They didn’t try to influence me or to sell anything. Yet I was sold. I was sold on the feeling of empowerment it gave me.

I walked out of there feeling so positive and energized that there was a community of professionals to guide me, who were experienced enough to give me sound options at each step.

When the test results came back for me and my husband and we were told that there was no medical or biological reason I should not be able to conceive, that we fell into the category of ‘unexplained fertility’ and that we could go home and try naturally, or as they suggested, consider doing an Intra-Uterine insemination (IUI), I jumped at the opportunity. For me, it sounded like a perfect solution for us. It was a gentle way forward; and it was like making an active decision but still leaving it up to nature. Best of all, despite all the daunting statistics I had read, hearing that having an IUI was an option meant that there was actually some real hope of conceiving. I signed up for 3 IUIs and called my family and close friends so they could share in my new adventure. The first IUI I went in with complete confidence. I was sure I was walking out of there practically pregnant. Waiting those 2 weeks was complete torture. I started visiting blogs and chats to find out about the experiences of women my age with IUI. Of course, there were lots of success stories, and then there were the unsuccessful ones that played with my mind. And when my period showed up and I knew I wasn’t pregnant those old fears of ‘egg expiration dates’ came back along with a continuing addiction to fertility blogs and chats. Back into the clinic I went for the second IUI, and again, the two week wait with everyone in the family biting their nails along with me. The day came for my test, I just knew my period would show up and not wanting to hear the staff tell me I wasn’t pregnant, I just decided to pee on a stick before I went in for the test at the clinic, and there it was, a BIG FAT PREGNANT!

We had a healthy and beautiful baby girl after an uneventful pregnancy.

My family and friends who had been there throughout my crazy phase when I couldn’t make up my mind, who ‘waited and saw’ with me even before my clinic visit, who threw me the adorable baby shower, who celebrated her birth and continued to celebrate her first steps, first words and first day at preschool, who didn’t judge, continue to give their support.

I speak to their families and friends who think about trying, who are trying, who have tried. And I wanted to share the following that I share with them:

  • Know what you are working with. A full reproductive assessment takes the guesswork out of many of the ‘ifs’, ‘buts’ or ‘maybes’. If you want to save some time and you’re like me, hate being indecisive, then best know if there is something you both need to address or an option you need to hear about. Maybe you’ll decide to take no further action and that’s okay too.
  • Don’t get too caught up in the statistics. Everyone’s body and experiences are different. Statistics are often based on averages.
  • Don’t feel ashamed about infertility or not having borne a child. You are not broken, cursed or less than a woman. Your identity as a woman is not a sum total of your ability to bear a child. And you have to make yourself believe that.
  • Don’t feel ashamed about seeking fertility support. You’d seek professional help for any other concern or when making important health decisions and this is no different.
  • Own your decisions, past and current. Don’t beat up on yourself for waiting, for what you did or didn’t do in your past that you feel will come back to haunt you now. Go back to what influenced your decisions and know that you did the best with the information you had, the feelings you felt and situation you were in.
  • You don’t have to do it alone. If you really want to and can, find at least one person who you trust, feel comfortable with and can be completely open and honest with, to share your feelings, hopes, successes and/or disappointments. This person can be a partner, a parent, a sibling, a friend, a religious leader, a professional, a support group, a combination of these. It’s nobody else’s business at all and I know there is fear of being judged. But if you need one, it definitely helps having an emotional outlet.
  • Quiet that voice in your head that magnifies your greatest fears. Take a deep breath and face anything head on, step by step. Trying something new is part of self-empowerment. Won’t leave room for regret and ‘what ifs’ and you’ll be stronger for it.
  • Pray, pray and pray. Pray for strength and guidance and for the right answer to be the one you are meant to have, even if it’s not the one you want. But offer to try what you can on your part and start your journey. Best of luck!

My special light at the end of a dark and lonely tunnel is my experience with the T&T IVF & Fertility Centre Counsellor Pearl and the team at T&T IVF.  After having a couple of IUI’s with another fertility clinic and no support for my failed cycle only a follow up call to see “how soon would I like to start another IUI” was a very disappointing time for me. A friend told me about a local clinic, which I knew nothing about. I was very open though to exploring any opportunity to get pregnant.

I started an IVF cycle with T&T IVF and to my surprise my partner and I had to undergo a counseling session where we were introduced to Pearl. The session was very emotional for us, but Pearl gave us the hope that we so desperately needed. We discussed what plans were in place if we received another negative outcome; honestly I was a little taken aback by that question, as I never prepared myself before for a negative outcome. At the end Pearl gave us her contact information and advised that I could contact her at any time that I needed too… (Who does that?)

After leaving the counsellor in the clinic, I told my husband that I felt relieved and that a weight was lifted off my shoulders.   I felt calm, hopeful, and happy and was we were so anxious to get started. IVF unlike IUI entails a lot more of our involvement, but we were excited to get this treatment and have our baby. My prayers were answered on that afternoon in April after getting a call that my blood result was positive. I was so glad that I did a urine pregnancy test the next morning just to make sure.

Unfortunately I miscarried at 8 weeks; I was so angry that I blamed myself. I called T&T IVF and told them what had happened and before the day had passed I got a phone call from Pearl. I could not believe that out of all their patients that they took the time out just for me on that day. Pearl took the time to comfort me, and was just there to listen to the muffling words between my sobbing.

Because of this extraordinary service that was provided to me by T&T IVF, I decided to do another IVF cycle with them, today I have my bouncing baby boy and could not be happier. To all the staff that made this journey an experience I will never forget I say THANK YOU.

Sursattie & Manuj IVF success story

“If you are struggling with infertility, with loss, with grief; I hope my story will motivate and inspire you in some way. I assure you that you can put your trust and hopes in Dr. Minto-Bain and her team. You can rely on their knowledge, expertise and experience to help you through your journey. 

It’s all worth it, keep trying and exhaust all your option; financially, emotionally and in whatever way possible, it is at the end you will be able to say “I did my very best, in all humanly way possible…with no regrets. Sursattie”

This is our IVF Journey… we hope and pray that T&T IVF & Fertility Centre continues to make dreams into reality for each and every one of you.”

My husband and I were trying to conceive naturally for about ten (10) years; but did not take it seriously because we were both busy with building our career and studies. As time flew by, we realized we could not conceive naturally and that’s when we asked for assistance from Dr. Sohan (Gynaecologist) in January 2017. I was treated for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and we continued trying to conceive naturally but still in vain. I did further tests i.e. Hysterosalpingogram (HSG test) which showed spill at the fimbrial ends of both fallopian tubes. Manuj, then did a sperm test/semen analysis and it was discovered that his sperm count and motility (swimming) were low. In January 2018, Dr Sohan referred us to Trinidad & Tobago IVF and Fertility Centre..

At this point we were a bit hesitant and scared to even think about IVF; the reality of infertility has just hit us hard.

I don’t think anyone is ever prepared for it. In January 2018, we had consultation with a Nurse at T&T IVF Fertility Centre (Charlieville Office). The Nurse was very informative and discussed our options of Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). We left with comprehensive information on the processes, procedures and costs and lots of information to read up on.

Shortly after the consultation we decided to proceed with the Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI). A number of blood tests and scans were done over a period of time and it was determined by Dr. Minto-Bain that our chances for IUI are viable but no 100% guarantee. There were lots of follow up visits, sometimes emotionally frustrating but the nurses were always warm, friendly and never too busy to take the time to ask how are you doing or to even share kind words of encouragement to hang in there.

We did our first IUI in March 2018 and were unsuccessful. We did feel hurt and disappointed but with renewed courage and hope we tried the IUI two other times in April & May and again greeted with negative results. We were advised that our next option is the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF); we took a little time off to ourselves to grieve, reflect and heal.

Shortly after the failed IUIs, Manuj and I met with Dr. Catherine Minto-Bain, who is absolutely wonderful and comforting. She thoroughly explained the IVF treatment and entertained all our questions and uncertainties.

At this point we knew that IVF was our only option but the financial factor was our only hinderance and we refused to let that win; we approached our bank and were granted a loan  to cover the IVF Cost.

We happily commenced the IVF treatment, which followed with lots of treatment i.e. tablets, scans, tests and injections and not forgetting the flow of hormones / emotions of fear and always questioning ourselves “why us.” Thankfully Dr. Minto-Bain’s team has always been supportive and caring throughout the entire process, hence we always overcame those unwanted feelings and could rise to a whole new beautiful hopeful day.

The eggs retrieval was done in December 2018; where 14 eggs were collected and only 4 survived into Embryos, which were then frozen for a later date. The Embryo Transfer was delayed because I had to recover from Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS). Of course, we were disappointed but comforted in knowing that it was better to do the transfer at a later time, which creates a better chance for conception.

After my full recovery from OHSS, two frozen embryos (as advised by Dr. Minto-Bain & the embryology specialists) were transferred on 20/03/2019. The two weeks wait before the pregnancy test had been nerve wrecking but we kept busy until the day of our results. We had a negative pregnancy result and naturally the hurt and pain came crashing all over again but quickly we wiped away the tears because we give ourselves no other choice but to keep going; we still had two more frozen embryos.

Prior to the transfer of the final two frozen embryos, I did a Saline Contrast Ultrasound and Endometrial Scratch, which was recommended by Dr. Minto-Bain, who said studies showed it can increase the woman’s chance to conceive after embryo transfer.

So, finally on 9/07/2019, we transferred on the last two frozen embryos; this was our last chance at making our dream/desire a reality, all we could do was hope and pray for our miracle.

I still remember so vividly when we received the call from the nurses on 17/07/2019, informing us that the pregnancy test result was positive. We were overwhelmed with relief, tears of happiness and profound gratitude to Dr. Minto-Bain and team to present to us the gift of life.

A few days after we went in for our early pregnancy scan and the scan showed that we are expecting one baby. It was such a beautiful sight to see our dreams materializing, our little angel in the making. The nurses and embryologists; it’s amazing how they were even happier than us.

We, (Manuj and Sursattie), sincerely thank you Dr. Minto-Bain, the embryologists, nurses and your entire team for the gift of life (our little angel); you have enriched and given even more meaning and purpose to our life…thank you, thank you, thank you; we are forever grateful. We could not have made it through without the unconditional love and support of our families, friends and well-wishers; we are profoundly blessed to have you all in our lives.

Our heart is filled each day as we watch our miracles strive, grow, talk and love us back unconditionally. We share our experience to give hope to all couples who face this path!

Aisha and Roman's success story getting their babies at Trinidad IVF

“Our journey started in 2010. At that point, we were so excited and ready to start a family. Naively, we assumed it would be easy and by mid-year a baby would be on the way. Sadly this was not the case. After many months of trying and many doctor visits, being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and PCOS, having a family was an uphill battle.

Having gone through 4 rounds of timed intercourse with a drug called Clomid (clomiphene citrate) and then another 2 rounds of the same drug for artificial insemination, we became more demotivated, disenchanted and disappointed.

We finally decided to come to T&T IVF & Fertility Centre in 2016 where after many tests, prodding and probing we decided that an IVF cycle using sperm injection (ICSI) was the option with the best chance of success.

This decision to move to IVF left us excited, ready and full of hope. We were successful in obtaining a pregnancy after the IVF cycle however, this ended in a miscarriage. At the 6 week ultrasound we were informed that the baby had no heartbeat. We were hurt and distraught with the loss of our baby after 6 weeks-our hearts sank to the deepest darkest place we didn’t know existed. With no frozen embryos in storage, our journey seemed to be at the end.

Fast forward 2018, we decided to try one last time.  We did a fresh cycle and the team at T&T IVF tweaked the drug regime. Nerves and fear were always in the back of our minds, but we went in bravely with the support, advice and instructions of the T&T IVF staff. They walked with us hand in hand and needle by needle.

When we got the news that we had a successful pregnancy, we were cautiously happy due our last experience. At the 6 weeks ultrasound, when we saw a tiny heart flickering, we were overjoyed. Then when we saw another little heart also flickering away, we were beyond ecstatic. This odyssey was long and hard, but when we look at our “twincesses”, it was so worth the tears, the needles, the everything!

Our heart is filled each day as we watch our miracles strive, grow, talk and love us back unconditionally. We share our experience to give hope to all couples who face this path!

We are so grateful to T&T IVF for these amazing gifts….. We love these legs!”

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” Martin Luther King