Who might need egg freezing?

Anyone can choose to freeze some of their eggs. Often women will urgently consider egg freezing if they have a medical condition that can reduce their eggs or damage their eggs in some way, for example;

  • before cancer treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy or pelvic radiotherapy that are likely to lead to partial or complete egg loss
  • before surgery to remove the ovaries, e.g. endometriosis or ovarian cysts
  • women with a family history of early menopause
  • other rare medical conditions and drug treatments that might affect a woman’s eggs

Many women now consider egg freezing as part of their planning on when they would like to have a family. If you wish to delay having children until your late 30’s or 40’s then egg freezing is a good choice as female fertility declines quickly as a woman gets older. Freezing eggs when a woman is young and healthy may give a better chance of a future pregnancy.