What will my treatment costs be?

Everyone is different and fertility treatment costs vary a lot. The first thing to know about your fertility treatment costs are that they really depends on what you need. This is why the first step is always a full assessed by our expert staff. At this point you will be guided on your treatment options along with your specific treatment cost estimates.

There are many treatment options. IVF is one of the most successful fertility treatments for most couples. It also has a higher cost than other treatments. There are add on treatments for IVF that can increase your costs. See our flyer to understand IVF costs along with add on options.

Often you may have frozen embryos after an IVF cycle.

See the information sheet below to understand the cost of treatment with frozen embryos.


If your problem is simply to do with your eggs, then egg growing treatment (called ovulation induction or OI) may be a successful choice for you. Your doctor will advise the medication that you need for this treatment as this can vary between TT$100 to $6000 per cycle of treatment. For this treatment you will need to budget for between 3 to 5 follicle tracking scans and 3 to 5 Blood Oestradiol tests in addition to your medication costs.

IUI (artificial insemination) can be a good option for some couples. Our expert fertility doctors will see if IUI might be an option for you. IUI treatment requires at least one open tube and a minimum level of swimming sperm. It is often used when there is a mild to moderate male problem. IUI is not suitable or successful for very low sperm counts and these couples will be advised that IVF with sperm injection (ICSI) is their best choice.



Intra-uterine insemination (IUI)

Package includes LH testing sticks, beta HCG blood test, one sperm preparation and IUI procedure.

Drugs, ultrasounds and blood tests are NOT included

Requires male infection screening bloods, follicle tracking ultrasound scans and Oestradiol blood tests (average patient between two to four).


Follicle tracking ultrasound scan 555
Male infection screening (before IUI or IVF treatment) 730
Female Oestradiol blood test 205