What medications are used to grow eggs and help eggs ovulate?

The doctor will discuss your medications with you in clinic and recommend the fertility drugs that are suitable and most likely to work for you.

Fertility tablets used to grow eggs are Clomiphene Citrate (also called Clomid, Clostril or Serophene) and Letrozole (also called Femara). These are usually given for five days only from day 2 of your cycle.

Fertility injections to grow eggs are FSH medications and are often given for longer than five days – sometimes up to fourteen days, depending on how you respond to them. The available options are the pre-filled Gonal f injection pens or the Menopur ampoules that require mixing by the patient before injection. The fertility injection to help eggs ovulate is called Chorgon or Ovidrel and is given as one injection only when the eggs and the lining of the womb are mature and ready.