What is involved in egg freezing?

  • STEP ONE – Free nurse consultation.  A blood test to assess your current egg levels along with some other basic tests is needed. Information on the process is also given.
  • STEP TWO – Doctors appointment.  The doctor will review your situation in detail and go through the options you have. Egg freezing has different success rates for everyone and it is important that you understand what the treatment will mean for you.
  • STEP THREE – Preparing for treatment Before IVF treatment you will need to have some routine blood tests and complete consent forms. It is also helpful to understand the process clearly, so we ask you to attend a free IVF nurse discussion to go through your treatment in detail. A free appointment with our clinic counselors is also available and recommended for everyone considering this treatment.
  • STEP FOUR– Having your treatment to collect and free eggs. IVF treatment involves growing eggs by using fertility injections for between 8-14 days, followed by the egg collection procedure. See information sheet on IVF (LC63).
  • STEP FIVE – Having your treatment to thaw your eggs and transfer your embryo. When you are ready to try for a pregnancy you will have the treatment of preparing you for an embryo transfer and having the eggs thawed out and fertilised with sperm.