How much does egg freezing cost?

There are four main costs to consider in egg freezing;

  1. The initial cost to see the doctor and have the tests required before treatment can start (around TT$2000)
  2. The IVF procedure and medications needed to collect and store the eggs. The price for egg-freezing IVF is TT$27,700 (US$4080) for everyone. The price for the egg-growing medications varies for everyone and depends on your age and egg level (as measured in the AMH blood test). The price for this varies between TT$16,000 – $32,600.
  3. Your cycle includes one year of storage for your eggs. After one year then you can choose to pay the annual storage fee (TT$2500/year as of 2024) or the 5-year storage package (TT$10,000 as of 2024). NB these storage fees will increase over time.
  4. The thawing procedure and embryo transfer treatment when you are ready for pregnancy (around TT$15-20,000 as of 2024)

These costs are different for everyone and we can advise you of the likely costs at the present time in the clinic, after your assessments.