FREE NURSE APPOINTMENT: Call 868-622-622-8869/6595 (Maraval office) or 868-222-8341
(St. Joseph office) or

For new patients

melissa-teamFor all patients new to our clinic we recommend the first step for you is to book a free consultation with one of our fertility nurses. These free appointments are available in all of our clinic locations.

The fertility nurse will go through your individual case and can discuss and arrange the appropriate initial tests for you and your partner. Download our new patient data form below if you would like to complete this prior to your appointment.


We encourage you to bring along all tests you may have done previously. After your fertility nurse visit, our fertility doctors will review all your information, and either recommend a doctor’s appointment or some further tests before the doctor’s appointment.

At the free nurse consultation we can provide you with information and costs on treatments you may be considering.