5 Women Share their IVF Success Stories

Deciding to do IVF treatment can be daunting. Many people become anxious about the treatment process and what might happen for them. At the Trinidad and Tobago IVF and Fertility Centre we understand. Our team has been working in the IVF field for many decades. We’ve been on this journey with thousands of patients. And we’ve helped bring more than 2,600 babies into the world!

We have listened and learned from each and every brave patient who has gone through IVF treatment at our clinics. And now, we would like to share some of these stories with you! Meet five amazing couples who went through IVF treatment with us*. They’ve all chosen to tell their stories to inspire you, and to share their hope with you.

Samuel and Marie’s IVF Story: A Case of Blocked Tubes

We got married at a mature age and decided that our quest to start a family should begin right away. However, a couple of years went by and nothing happened, so Samuel and I began our own investigation into our fertility.

I started taking fertility pills (clomid) and it didn’t help. I then ventured into herbal treatments: That didn’t work either. Samuel and I then decided to visit a doctor who recommended that I do an HSG (tube x-ray) to check to see if there were any issues with my uterus or tubes.

I was devasted to learn that my tubes were blocked. Samuel and I returned to the same doctor who introduced IVF to us as an option. I will be honest, we did the process twice. The first time really took a toll on me emotionally because I felt as though, as a woman, fertility should be natural.

The second time around, I had a renewed spirit and mind. I even began eating healthier just to ensure that everything went smoothly. I can still remember the overwhelming feeling I got when I received my positive pregnancy test result. I cried all the way home.

Today my daughter is three years old. Healthy, full of life and love. All because of the care, persistence and professionalism I received from the doctors and staff at the Trinidad and Tobago IVF and Fertility Centre.

God granted them the skills to help me. We are forever thankful.

Bonnie & Clyde’s Story: Honesty, Support and Compassion

My infertility journey started off as a hard and heartbreaking one. My husband and I were trying to get pregnant, months of disappointments turned into five years. We finally decided we needed a little extra help to achieve our goal.

We chose the Trinidad and Tobago IVF and Fertility Centre. Everyone who dealt with us was very welcoming and nice, Sharda in particular was a nice person; she made me feel like I had a friend. Dr. Minto-Bain never sugar-coated anything, which we appreciated very much. By the grace of God and the IVF clinic I finally got to see those two positive lines I had always dreamt about.

During my pregnancy I had some issues with the baby, Dr. Minto-Bain personally kept in contact with me, which was not part of her job. My husband and I were truly amazed by her. We would recommend Trinidad and Tobago IVF and Fertility Centre to anyone!

Nicholas and Amanda’s Story: A Simple, Inexpensive Change Leads to Pregnancy

We had been married for seven years and had a beautiful five year-old daughter. Our first pregnancy was not planned, however, we were both happy and excited to start our family. Due to the fact that I had given birth via cesarean section, and because of our busy schedules, we decided to wait about two to three years to expand our family.

After unsuccessfully trying to have a baby for more than two years we decided to seek Dr. Minto-Bain’s advice. She performed a battery of tests and concluded that there was a high level of DNA Fragmentation in my husband’s sperm. Dr. Minto-Bain advised my husband that a change in diet (an increase intake of fruits and vegetables) as well as taking zinc supplements would improve his sperm DNA.

We took her advice and after two months, I found out I was pregnant!

We were both ecstatic. My follow-up scans all showed a healthy baby developing at the appropriate rate. In late 2019, at 39 weeks, our healthy baby boy was born at 7lbs 12oz.

We would like to first thank God for blessing us with our second child and to especially thank Dr. Minto-Bain and her team. Without her advice we would not be in the position we are today. To future patients, don’t give up hope, keep an open mind and most importantly don’t be afraid to seek professional advice!

Andy and Amanda’s Story: IVF with ICSI Delivers a Beloved Son

My husband and I were married for five years before we seriously decided to start our family. Little did we know, it would take us another five years to meet our beloved first-born son!

After trying to conceive naturally for two years, we came to the realisation that medical intervention was needed. Never did we believe that getting pregnant would be such a long and daunting task, especially since both of us were otherwise healthy individuals. Many doctors were consulted for guidance along the way, but after all was said and done, success was nowhere in sight.

Frustration abounded, but at this point we were determined! Not much was known to us about the IVF process and we wanted to learn more, seeing that this might be our very last option to assist us on the journey of creating our family. In our minds, we were desperate and prepared to go abroad, as neither of us had never heard of this procedure being done locally here in Trinidad before.

To our surprise however, after doing a random internet search, we suddenly stumbled upon Trinidad and Tobago IVF & Fertility Centre. We could not believe it! Certainly, this was a ray of sunshine amidst all the challenges we had faced thus far.

An IVF Cycle with Hope and Courage

At our first visit with Dr. Minto-Bain, a brief medical history was taken, and she recommended some tests to analyse our situation and to provide details on the cause of our infertility. After reviewing the results, Dr. Minto-Bain diagnosed us with unexplained infertility as she did not see any indication of a problem.

Due to our age, she advised that IVF with ICSI would give us the highest probability of fertilisation and an endometrial scratch would further enhance implantation success. A procedure of this undertaking really had us nervous yet excited, but it was a go nevertheless.

Moving forward, we began our first cycle with hope and courage. It most certainly was an emotional roller coaster for me due to the daily injections I had to bear. But I did it. Injections got easier to take and time passed by quickly. Soon it was time for egg retrieval. This went smoothly and 11 eggs were collected. Of those 11, nine were fertilised and seven made it to Day 2.

Every day for the next five days we would get a call from the embryologist to inform us of the embryos’ progress. Each time we were faced with anxiety because the numbers kept decreasing. Would there be any left for implantation by the fifth day?

These five days were stressful but thankfully two blastocysts made it to day 5 (both with quality grade 3) and were ready for transferring. Sadly, we had none remaining to freeze. The final two blastocysts were transferred on Day 5. And just like that, we felt like this was it. Our final chance. If this did not work, we would feel like a complete failure.

We Welcomed a Beautiful Baby Boy

Waiting the next few weeks felt like a lifetime. We kept ourselves occupied with our normal everyday routine and work. The day for our ultrasound scan was fast approaching and we were very nervous. My body did not feel any different, although I did get some spotting two weeks after the embryo transfer. This had us hopeful. At our six-week visit, Dr. Timothy was there to perform our ultrasound scan.

Upon examination, and a few moments later, one heartbeat was found thumping away! Of the two embryos that were transferred, only one implanted successfully. We could not have been more overjoyed! Nine months later, after a smooth pregnancy, we were blessed to welcome our miracle: A healthy baby boy.

Our IVF Experience in Trinidad and Tobago

Fast forward to six months after his birth, when we finally settled into our new life of being parents, we found out that we were pregnant again! Naturally this time! It was such a huge surprise to us obviously, and now we are blessed with our second son. Our family is now complete thanks to the excellent work and support of our IVF team.

From our very first visit, to our last, we can attest to the treatment we got from all staff members. They were very professional and knowledgeable and explained everything we needed to know with patience and grace. They made us feel so welcomed and comfortable and never hesitated to answer any of our questions.  For that, we say a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Minto-Bain and the entire IVF team for helping us on our journey to parenthood. Keep doing what you do!

Richard and Victoria: Two Beautiful IVF Rainbow Babies


“Sometimes it’s hard to see a rainbow when there’s been so much rain.” At the age of 29 I received the most devastating news any woman trying to conceive would like to hear: “You will not be able to conceive a child naturally.”

My fertility journey began when I was just 26 years old. Both my husband and I had no fertility/health issues and we got pregnant on our first try. I remember saying “wow, that was easy.” Maybe I jinxed myself, but I miscarried one week after. I was traumatised. I never thought this would happen to me, my very first pregnancy ended before I got a doctor’s appointment.

After six months I was ready to try again, I got pregnant immediately after, I felt confident (“There’s no way I can miscarry twice…”) but I was so wrong. I miscarried before reaching my scan appointment. I repeatedly asked myself “What I am doing wrong? Another miscarriage, another baby I won’t get to hold.”

At this point my desire to have a child became my main focus. I didn’t take the pregnancy news of others well, it’s not that I wasn’t happy for them but the emptiness in me, the need for a baby made me stay away from the baby celebrations. I couldn’t handle the questions being directed at me: “What are we waiting on?” “It’s time we have a baby!”

The Pain and Loss Continued… 

One month after our second loss, I was pregnant for the third time. This time fear riddled my body, my mind only replayed the worst scenarios. I was afraid to walk, drive, and even sneeze. I needed to do everything to ensure I didn’t lose this baby. Finally, I made it to my very first scan appointment, we were overjoyed, with our phones in hand ready to take that first picture.

Our hearts dropped when we learned that our baby was there, but implanted in my right fallopian tube which could kill me if not removed immediately. Not the news we were hoping for.

I remember crying, screaming, why is this happening to me, why is something so easy for others is the most difficult thing for me to achieve? I will never forget this because it was Mother’s Day. I remember lying in bed after surgery preparing to be sent home empty-handed, while a couple giggled in the other room while they held their baby. I felt empty and the fear of not being able to have a child filled my every thought.

We decided to wait a year to try again, I needed time to heal, not just physically but emotionally as well. It was one of the hardest years I ever faced. I avoided family and friends because I could not answer the questions about my ectopic pregnancy and whether I could have another child. I couldn’t take the “I’m so sorry” look on their faces. That year I spent trying to rebuild myself to try again.

Screams of Pain

The year had passed and I got pregnant for the fourth time, this time I was monitored closely by my doctor because I was at risk for another ectopic pregnancy. Although my remaining tube was checked and it was rare for it to happen twice, my doctor didn’t want to take any chances. However, I felt a pain like no other, a pain like something was about to burst in me. I remember my husband speeding to the doctor’s office at 10:00 p.m., while I was screaming in pain, about to pass out.

I was assessed extensively and it was confirmed that I had suffered a ruptured ectopic pregnancy in my remaining tube, my only tube. The tube that I needed to give me a child was costing me my life. This was my breaking point, this was it for me and having a family of my own. I couldn’t tell my family and friends what had happened this time, I was ashamed that everyone would know I could not conceive a child naturally.

My gynaecology doctor went above and beyond his duty of care ensuring I was a priority in my trying-to-conceive journey. He directed me to the Trinidad and Tobago IVF and Fertility Centre, encouraging us to not give up, and saying that  despite all the traumatising experiences I’d been through, I would have my family.

My Journey with TTIVF Begins!

Honestly, I thought to myself that if IVF was my only option, I needed to go to the best fertility clinic, which would definitely be in another country. However, my husband and my Gynaecologist insisted that I go for the consultation that Trinidad and Tobago IVF offers. I had my nurse’s consult two weeks after surgery. I remember being greeted by the warmest smiles, being emotional and nervous.

I immediately felt a sense of serenity upon entering. All my questions were answered and my entire medical history was discussed and detailed tests were recommended to ensure no stone was left unturned which would prevent me from having a healthy baby.

After my nurse’s consult, straightaway I knew that Trinidad and Tobago IVF and Fertility Centre was the clinic for me. I did go to the other consultations from other clinics which were big on advertising twins and successful pregnancies as compared to Trinidad IVF, but my heart kept going back to Trinidad and Tobago IVF, and being able to go through such a challenging process I needed to be in the comfort of my home with the support of my family.

After all my tests were completed, I had my consultation with Dr. Minto-Bain, who has such a calming aura, she makes you feel like a priority. Highly qualified in her field, she’s always developing the techniques and medication used in the clinic. She brought hope to our hopelessness and aided in bringing forth our miracle babies.

IVF Leads to a Beautiful Daughter on the First Try, Followed by our Son

We were extensively screened for testing to ensure that there were no underlying issues. Our tests revealed that we had no fertility issues that could prevent us from having a healthy baby. My only obstacle was the fact that my fallopian tubes were removed, and that was not a problem for the Trinidad and Tobago IVF team as they all smiled and accepted the challenge.

And so, my wonderful IVF journey began. The early morning scans and blood work, the injections that had to be done at home, I was happy, happy I still had a chance, and Trinidad and Tobago IVF gave me that. My thanks to all of my nurses and doctors, Dr. Minto-Bain, Dr. Ramsewak, Dr. Timothy, my nurses, Gabby, Cindy, Melissa, just to name a few.

They made each appointment fun and showed me so much love, gave the best care and were always willing to answer my crazy questions. They made me a mother of not one but two beautiful, amazing rainbow babies.

I had my daughter at 29 years, our heart, on our first try. One year after, we went back to try again, got pregnant but miscarried. Dr. Minto-Bain advised me of new medicines and procedures to aid in the prevention of another miscarriage, so we gave IVF another try and at the age of 31, I was blessed with my strength, our son

I Never Gave Up

My fertility journey wasn’t a long one, I tried to conceive for three years. But it was extremely devastating and traumatising. It left me feeling ashamed. Yes, ashamed I couldn’t tell my friends and family that I had no tubes, because I was always bombarded with questions and comments that broke my heart: “I feel sorry for your parents they are longing for a grandchild, I feel sorry for your husband he wants a child so bad.”

I felt ashamed as a woman not being able to do what my body was made for. I remember telling my husband to get a divorce, he could still have a family. He promised me he would do whatever it took to make me a mother and he did. We had faith, not just in the clinic but in God, that our hearts’ desires would be granted and our prayers be answered. We bought two baby booties one for a girl and one for a boy and we got to use both!

I prayed so hard for a family and God gave me the best. He blessed the staff of Trinidad and Tobago IVF and made the process one of the best experiences of my life.

After every hurt, after every loss there was a silver lining in my story. I didn’t give up.

*At Trinidad and Tobago IVF and Fertility Centre, patient confidentiality is our priority. Most of the couples you’ve just read about have chosen to change their names to preserve their privacy.