The TTIVF 2023 Fertility Event

A Fertility Event Just for You

Are you or someone you know struggling to conceive? You’re not alone. There is hope and there is help!

On Saturday July 1st 2023 you can learn more at Conceiving Hope: Your Journey to Parenthood, the TTIVF 2023 Fertility Event! Immerse yourself in our empowering educational programme and interactive exhibition, where you’ll find invaluable knowledge, support, as well as access to the latest fertility treatments.

Our Education Programme will cover everything you need to know and more! From the basics of fertility to advanced treatment options. You’ll also meet fabulous IVF and IUI Fertility Warriors who’ve successfully conceived their beautiful babies with our help. Listen as they share their insights and experiences.

Visit the interactive information booths on our Exhibit Floor to learn about specific fertility issues and to explore treatment options. Meet our fertility specialists for a friendly chat and learn all about the latest advances in reproductive medicine.

We’re here to help you find hope and solutions as you navigate the challenges of infertility. Join us and take the first step towards building the family you’ve always dreamed of.

Space for this very special *free* event is limited.



Seminars & Conversations to Inform your Journey to Parenthood

9:00 Your Fertility Journey with the Trinidad and Tobago IVF & Fertility Centre. Meet the dedicated experts who’ll support you on a remarkable voyage of hope as we guide you towards parenthood with compassion and expertise.


9:20 Fertility 101: An In-Depth look at Infertility. Explore the complex and multifaceted world of infertility. Learn about the underlying causes of infertility and the distinct challenges faced by couples in T&T. Be empowered with all the facts you need to navigate this challenging journey!


9:40 The Many Ways to have a Baby — With a Little Help from Science! Join us as we explore the marvels of modern fertility treatment! From IVF and IUI, to egg and sperm donation, discover the many sophisticated treatments that make parenthood possible when you’re struggling with infertility.


Q&A Submit your questions anonymously! We’ll give you all the answers you need. 


12:00 Visit our Fertility Information Hubs on the Exhibition Floor. Chat with our Nurses and Meet our Fertility Doctors!


1:30 Fertility Warrior Women! Meet Mothers of Beautiful IVF and IUI  Babies! Join us for a compelling conversation with some extraordinary women, now mothers of their very own IVF and IUI babies! They’ll share their unique experiences, all the highs and lows that led to the ultimate joy of holding their precious babies. Their stories will touch your hearts and offer invaluable insights as you begin your own journey to parenthood.


2:30-5:00 The Exhibit Floor is Open. Visit our Fertility Information Hubs on the Exhibition Floor. Chat with our Nurses and Meet our Fertility Doctors!


Visit the Exhibition Floor to Learn About Fertility Treatment Options!

Exhibits are Open: 8:00-9:00 am; 12:00-1:30 pm; 2:30-5:00 pm



Fertility Island: Your Destination for IVF & IUI Solutions!

Your place to embark on a guided tour of IVF and IUI solutions! Discover the latest advancements, learn about personalised treatment options and consult with our experts!

The PCOS Wellness Booth: Empowering Women with Knowledge & Support

Your supportive sanctuary in the face of PCOS. Talk with our compassionate experts and discover resources, lifestyle tips and strategies to optimize your reproductive health and fertility.

Fertility Test Quest: Unlocking Your Fertility Potential

What tests will you need before you begin fertility treatment? You’ll find the answer here as we explain the diagnostic tests you need (and don’t need!) to determine your own personalised treatment plan!

The Fertility Fighter Pilot: Navigating the World of Sperm

It takes two to make a baby! Our expert team will be your co-pilots as you navigate the intricate world of sperm! Explore the science of male fertility and learn about factors that affect sperm health.

Three Women on a boat looking to camera and smiling, thinking about New Year's Resolutions For Fertility

Egg-Ceptional Donors: Making Dreams Come True!

Egg Donors make dreams come true! TTIVF has the largest and most diverse Egg Bank in the region! Find hope here as you learn about donor selection, matching and treatments.

While you’re on the floor…

Be sure to visit our Nurses Stations and the Doctors Lounge! Don’t miss out on the chance to connect with us and take the first step on your path to family!

And finally, a huge thank you to our sponsors... Merck, Smith Robertson Limited, Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Health Care Services (Caribbean) Ltd