For all patients new to our clinic we recommend the first step for you is to book a free consultation with one of our experienced fertility nurses. These free appointments are available in all of our clinic locations. The free nurse consultation will ensure that you are ready to see the doctor at your next appointment and will maximize the time that you have to discuss your care and options with the doctor.

What will the nurse appointment cover?

The fertility nurse will go through your individual case, review any tests you might have done already and can discuss and arrange the appropriate initial tests for you and your partner. We can also provide you with information and costs on treatments you may be considering or that may be suitable for you.

What should I bring to this appointment?

We encourage you to bring along all tests you may have done previously. After your fertility nurse visit, our fertility doctors will review all your information, and either recommend a doctor’s appointment or some further tests before the doctor’s appointment.

You will also need to bring along photographic ID such as a drivers permit or national ID card.

What will happen during this appointment?

When you arrive the receptionist will ask to copy your ID and ask you both to complete our patient data sheet, giving us all the information we require to understand your medical history. You can complete this patient data sheet in advance if you prefer – please ask us to post, fax or email the sheet to you. The new patient data form includes information on all medical conditions, past surgery, family members medical history, drug use (medicines and any other drugs) all pregnancies and all the tests or treatments you may have completed previously.

  1. The nurse will then check the data sheet with you both and make sure that we have all the information that will help us understand your situation
  2. The nurse will perform a basic clinical assessment for the woman, including weight, height, and blood pressure measurements

Often some basic blood tests are recommended for women. These are usually;

  • AMH – a blood test that estimates how many eggs you have (cost $550)
  • Prolactin – a blood test to check the level of this hormone that can interfere with eggs (cost $110)
  • Rubella – a blood test to check that your baby cannot catch this virus from you (cost $110)

The nurse can perform these blood tests for you during your new nurse appointment.

For men we usually recommend a detailed sperm test in our fertility lab. If you would like to do this test during your new nurse appointment it has to be booked in as an appointment beforehand.

To do a sperm test you need to let us know what medication you are taking, when you last had sexual intercourse and you need to have abstained from any sexual intercourse or ejaculations for between 2-7days.

What happens after the new nurse appointment?

The next step is an appointment with the fertility doctor (cost $450). The doctor will have reviewed all your initial results beforehand and the clinic will let you know if any further tests are needed by the doctor before your appointment.

At the doctors appointment you will usually be examined and offered a vaginal pelvic ultrasound scan (cost $450). You will both then be given feedback on any further tests that you may require, the possible causes of your fertility issues and your treatment options.