We get so many questions about the possible costs of treatment, and the first thing to know is that it REALLY depends on what you need AND you don’t know what you might need until you have been fully assessed and given your options.

At Trinidad IVF we pride ourselves on providing world-class treatment from experts in the field and whilst still remain the most affordable clinic in the Caribbean region.

We understand that the cost of fertility treatments is a concern for many people. We guarantee to provide you with an honest and complete estimate of your treatment costs before you begin any treatment cycle. Please see our current price list for all treatments, tests and appointment costs.

Whilst IVF is one of the most successful fertility treatments, IUI (artificial insemination) is a simpler and far cheaper treatment option for many couples. Our clinic specialists will evaluate you both, to see if IUI might be an option for you.

IUI treatment requires at least one open tube and a minimum level of swimming sperm. Our embryology and andrology specialists will evaluate your sperm to see if IUI might be a good treatment option for you, before moving on to IVF treatment.

Another option for couples to reduce the cost of IVF is to apply for our egg sharing IVF programme.

Understanding the cost of IVF treatment

Many people ask us about the high cost of IVF treatment and why this is the case. To provide a quality service with excellent success rates requires a high level of investment in both staff, clinical and laboratory equipment. In addition every item that touches your sperm, eggs or embryos in the laboratory is specially imported, non-toxic and non-reusable. This leads to the high cost of running any successful fertility clinic worldwide.

Treatment options that we offer are:

(PLEASE NOTE All costs are in TT$ and are subject to change without notice)

  1. Monitoring blood tests, ultrasound scans and medications to help eggs grow and /or release. Called ovulation induction treatment by medics. COST RANGE (per treatment cycle) $300-3000
  2. SURGERY. Hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, open tubal surgery, laparotomy, PCOS surgery etc. COST RANGE some procedures are available free in the public sector. Private costs $8000-40,000
  3. Intra-uterine insemination (IUI) also called artificial insemination. Costs $3500 per IUI treatment. You also need to add in monitoring blood tests, ultrasound scans and medications to help grow and/or release eggs – an extra $500-3000 depending on your personal requirements.
  4. IVF treatment. There are a range of things that you might need to pay for when considering IVF treatment. The basic cost is for the IVF cycle. This has two possible prices – the normal price is TT$33,000 or the lower price is TT$5000 for patients suitable for egg sharing(LINK). This price includes free embryo freezing.

Everyone also needs to pay for the drugs for their IVF cycle and this varies a lot depending on your age and circumstances, prices are usually between TT$5000 and TT$35,500 with an average costs of TT$19,000. The other items that you may need to pay for (depending on your situation and age) are sperm injection (TT$6000) and blastocyst transfer (TT$1000).

Occasionally there may be something else that you will need, but this is less common and you will be warned about all your costs from beforehand once you have been assessed in the clinic.