Did you know that you might be able to donate eggs to help someone who cannot have children?  There are many couples who cannot have a baby without the gift of donated eggs from someone else. Your gift could bring hope and the joy of parenthood to someone who cannot get pregnant.

To become an egg donor at our clinic you must:

  • be aged between 21 and 28 years
  • be a non-smoker
  • have normal hormone blood tests
  • be healthy and well without infectious diseases and inheritable disorders
  • have normal periods without severe pain
  • be a healthy weight
  • have no serious medical conditions

Does egg donation involve surgery or painful procedures?

No. Donating eggs does not require surgery and is usually painless. The first step is growing eggs by using a daily injection for 8-12 days, with ultrasound scans every 2-4 days.

Who will I help by becoming an egg donor?

There are many women who have no hope of pregnancy without donated eggs. They may have lost their eggs due to surgery, environmental problems, genetic causes, natural aging or to treatment for cancer. Premature failure of the ovaries, where the periods stop early and there are no eggs left, can be devastating and it can occur as early as the teenage years. In other cases, women may carry an inheritable genetic disorder that they do not want to pass on to their children. Whatever the circumstances, your gift can restore hope.

Do you pay egg donors?

Yes, we pay every egg donor TT$5000 each time they donate eggs.

Who will get my donated eggs?

Generally these are women who are in good health, in a stable relationship and under the age of fifty. Not all patients are eligible to enter the programme to receive eggs and each case is assessed on an individual basis. We match egg donors to women needing eggs by matching as closely as possible, the following characteristics:

  • ethnicity
  • skin tone
  • eye and hair colour
  • height and build

Will I know the identity of the woman who gets my eggs?

No, egg donation is an anonymous process. You will not be told the identity of the woman to whom you donate your eggs and you will also remain anonymous to her, although she will receive some non-identifying information about you, such as a description of your physical characteristics. If you wish, you may be informed whether she achieved a pregnancy, but no further information can be supplied.

You will also not be the legal parent of any child born as a result of eggs you have donated to another woman. We keep safely protected records on all people donating and receiving eggs. At all times these records will be kept confidential and anonymous. In the future should any child born as a result of egg sharing ask for identifying information this will not be given, however we will be able to confirm or deny any potential genetic relationship to a partner

I am interested in becoming an egg donor, what do I do next?

Email egg@trinidadIVF.com or call us (868-622-8869 Maraval Clinic, 868-222-8341 St. Joseph Clinic) with some more information about yourself. We need to know your date of birth, height, weight and details on any pregnancies you have had. If you are suitable the next step is to complete a detailed questionnaire. For women who are then selected to be considered as egg donors, the next step is to chat with a nurse and have the free blood test done, which starts the process. There is then a six step process to pass through before you will know whether you are accepted onto the egg donor programme.