Who can donate sperm?

Many men would like to donate sperm to help someone who cannot have children. You can donate sperm either anonymously to someone you don’t know, or to a person that you do know.

To become a sperm donor at our clinic you must:

  • be aged between 18 and 45 years
  • have been a non-smoker for at least three months
  • have a normal semen analysis (sperm test)
  • be free of transmissible diseases and inheritable disorders (HIV, hepatitis etc)
  • be a healthy weight and not suffer with any serious medical problems
  • Complete a detailed donor sperm application questionnaire including medical and family details.

Sperm donors are required to undergo initial screening tests and medical examination before being accepted onto the programme. These are free of charge. Generally these tests include sperm testing, HIV, Hepatitis B & C, Syphilis, sickle cell screening and hormone tests to check your fertility level. Everyone accepted on the programme will be required to discuss their own and their family’s medical history with the doctor.

Who will I help by becoming a sperm donor?

There are many couples who have no hope of pregnancy without donated sperm. The man may have lost the ability to make sperm due either unknown causes or due to surgery, genetic causes, or to treatment for cancer. In other cases, a man may carry an inheritable genetic disorder that he does not want to pass on to his children. Whatever the circumstances, your gift can restore hope. Single women require the help of a sperm donor to achieve a family, as do female single sex couples.

Do you pay sperm donors?

Yes, we pay every sperm donor TT$2500 for a completed cycle of sperm donation (includes donating multiple sperm samples).

Who will get my donated sperm?

Generally these are women who are in good health, in a stable relationship or single and well supported and under the age of fifty. Not all patients are eligible to enter the programme to receive sperm, and each case is assessed on an individual basis. We match sperm donors to women needing sperm by matching as closely as possible, the following characteristics:

  • ethnicity
  • skin tone
  • eye and hair colour
  • height and build

Will I know the identity of the woman or couple who get my sperm?

No. You will not be told the identity of the woman to whom you donate your sperm and you will also remain anonymous to her, although she will receive some non-identifying information about you, such as a description of your physical characteristics. You will not be the legal parent of any child born as a result of your sperm donation.

We maintain safely protected records on all people donating and receiving sperm. At all times these records will be kept confidential and anonymous. In the future should any child born as a result of sperm donation ask for identifying information this will not be given, however we will be able to confirm or deny any potential genetic relationship to a partner

I am interested in becoming a sperm donor, what do I do next?

Please either email (sperm@trinidadIVF.com) or call us (222 8341 or 622 8869) with some more information about yourself. We need to know your date of birth, height, weight and details on any pregnancies you have had. If you are suitable, your next step is completing the detailed donor sperm application questionnaire (download here). If you are a suitable candidate, we will then organise a time for you to come to one of our clinics to chat with a nurse and have the free tests and assessments done.