The scientific knowledge about COVID19 is changing daily, but you can trust us to keep up to date with the latest national and international research. Our mission remains the same as before – working in partnership with you towards your dream of taking home your healthy baby. We have made many changes in the clinic as we learn to live with the COVID19 pandemic. 


COVID19 is spread from person to person by

  • Droplets of virus in the air – when a person talks, sneezes or coughs.
  • Droplets of virus living on surfaces. The virus survives on objects and surfaces and gets there when an infected person has been near to or touched that surface. Common objects that could have COIVD19 virus on them are things like your computer mouse, handrails, doorknobs, glasses, medical equipment etc. You can get infected when you have touched this object, picked up the COVID19 virus on your hands and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth.


You can avoid COVID19 infection by

  • Practicing social distancing, i.e. remaining 6 feet away from other people so you cannot breathe in their droplets of virus.
  • Regular hand washing, especially before eating, drinking or touching your face.
  • Regular cleaning of common surfaces such as cell phones, computers, telephones, door handles, light switches etc. with household cleaners
  • Wearing face masks when not at home. This reduces the chance that you breathe in other people’s virus droplets in the air. It is also good at preventing you infecting other people in a situation where you have a COVID19 infection without any symptoms.



Is this the right time for you to be having a baby or having fertility treatment?


The good news is that COVID19 seems to be relatively safe for pregnant women and babies. Pregnant women with COVID19 infection do not seem to be at higher risk of severe complications and newborn babies also do not seem to be at high risk. However, before you begin your treatment you need to think through the situation now and also what might happen in the near future. It is unlikely that we will have a COVID19 vaccine until some time in 2021 at the earliest, so you need to decide what risks you are willing to take. You need to let us know if now is the right time for you to get pregnant.

There are other options for you. You can choose to wait to a time when the COVID19 pandemic is gone. You can also choose to freeze eggs/embryos now and try for a pregnancy when the COVID19 pandemic is gone.



If you do choose to go ahead with fertility treatment during this pandemic then you will notice some changes in the clinic.

To help us keep you and all our staff safe from COVID19, we now

  • do all clinic consultations remotely via Telehealth (Skype and Zoom)
  • do all sperm testing by sample drop-off mainly
  • ask all patients entering the clinic to have a confirmed appointment
  • ask all patients to attend the clinic alone (sorry no partners allowed entry)
  • have continuous high level clinic cleaning
  • have all our clinic staff wearing masks
  • ask all patients entering the clinic to wear a cloth mask & undergo pre-screening
  • prevent any patient with COVID19 symptoms entering the clinic or continuing with fertility treatment

Upon arrival at any of the clinics, everyone (including staff) will be screened. This includes taking your temperature, checking on your history of COVID-19 connections, and asking about any COVID-19 symptoms you may be experiencing.

Ready to start treatment? Here are your next steps.

Contact the clinic and we will let you know what to do. Everyone must be well, with no COVID19 symptoms to be able to start their treatment. At the moment we are not asking people to have COVID19 nasal swab tests before their fertility treatment.  The staff will also let you know outstanding tests and forms that are required to get started. Please remember you cannot walk in to clinic like before. Everything needs an appointment in advance, even having a blood test or dropping off a form. Please use the patient portal or telephone to contact us for assistance.

Please watch this video for answers to some of the questions we get asked frequently about COVID19 and your treatment in the clinic.

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